Founded in 1976, Grespania is the embodiment for tradition and innovation within the ceramics industry. Through their many decades of experience Grespania has been at the forefront of the research and development frontier, creating and producing high quality ceramic and porcelain materials of various designs and dimensions. Coverlam is their most recent creation juxtaposing the natural beauty ever present in natural stone in a lighter, more resilient, and more consistent form achievable only through manmade production all while prioritising environmental sustainability.

As Coverlam’s exclusive distributor in Indonesia, Citatah offers the extensive range of their elegant slabs in a variety of dimensions to cater to the many needs of our clients and customers. Coverlam is incredibly versatile in placement and usage, from floors to walls, they have also been used in unique areas including roofs and pools, and have become a preferred material for furniture companies stems from its lighter weight while retaining the strength and resilience of other forms of surfaces.
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