M613 Aurora Greige

LG Hausys’ HI-MACS acrylic surfaces have become known as the industry standard, leading the field with cutting edge technology and processes that have resulted in the creation of one of the very few truly seamless surfaces in the market. Hi-MACS acrylic surfaces composed from acrylics, minerals, and natural pigments provide quality in all aspects from material performance to hygiene to environmental sustainability.

Citatah have held the exclusive distributorship rights to LG Hausys’ revolutionary HI-MACS acrylic surfaces since 2021. Owing to their truly seamless capability, HI-MACS sees extensive use where hygiene is the priority, ranging from hospitals and clinics, to the classroom, and kitchens. In a testament to its truly flexible nature both in shaping, through ultra-thermoforming techniques, and placement, HI-MACS has been used as a material to line the cockpit and control panels of yachts and ships.
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